The Song Poem Project vol​.​1

by Swoody Records



Song Poems were a way for small record labels in the past to get money by offering amateur writers the next big radio hit if they sent in their poem and a fee. Studio musicians hastily recorded the poem. Then the recording was sent back to the writer and forgotten. The Song Poem Project was created in tribute to the bizarre, beautiful, and honest music that would happen with this unusual process.

Various musicians from California, Utah, Arizona, New York, Florida, Britain, and Stockholm, wrote poems and randomly exchanged them with each other to create the unique songs displayed on this album.


released May 7, 2013

Poems and songs by: Thompson Owen, Serene Dominic, Jessica Davis (S.L.F.M.), Daniel Fischer (Fisch Loops), Patrik Eriksson and Ingrid Hultén, Ryan Avery (Hi My Name Is Ryan), B.C. Sterrett (Teenage Horses), Davin Abegg (Secret Abilities), Valerie Rose Day, Jack Cavanaugh, Shelby Figueroa, Daniel Spencer, Helen Cox, Timothy Mathis (Butt-Out), Ryan Garey (Danger Button), David Todd (Mr. Snow Man), Nate Housley (PTO), Han Greenwood (The Suggestive), Tom Tuerff, Jacob Haupt (Aquatic Ghost Colony), and Brad Rizer.

Album art by B.C. Sterrett and Davin Abegg



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Thompson Owen, poem by B.C.Sterrett - Hollow Earth Hypothesis
Tiptoeing down the staircase to eat a piece of cheese.

No one is around so I'll give the cheese a squeeze.

Peeling back the plastic now the cheese is nude.

So white so pure so stinky, cheese is my favorite dude.
Way down far below there's a world for us to live,

underneath the house that was found by all my kids.

Deep and dark the tunnels go to a place unknown by man

The creatures eyes all light up when they smell cheese in their land.
Dark and scary pleasant and nice, the creatures really hate it when you turn on your flashlight.
Tiptoeing down the staircase to eat a piece of cheese.

No one is around so I'll give the cheese a squeeze.

Peeling back the plastic now the cheese is nude.

So white so pure so stinky, cheese is my favorite dude.
Track Name: Shelby Figueroa, poem by Brad Rizer - Life Waits For No One
It was a Tuesday in October, when they cut down all the trees.

Packaged them up on a truck, bound for Western seas.

The workers packed up their tools, placed a sign in the mud.

In the smallest, finest print it read: The work here's never done.
It's sad but it's true, life waits for no one.
Track Name: Daniel Fischer (Fisch Loops) feat. Adam Sherlock and Subrosa, poem by Davin Abegg - Heartcycle
I rode my motorcycle of love right into your heart.
I zipped it through the superior vena cava into your right atrium.
I popped a wheelie past the tricuspid valve and was trying to show off.
cause I wrecked my motorcycle in your right ventricle
and can't get out your pulmonary until you say you love me
aorta, aorta, so close I can hear you next to me, where are you?
I’m stuck on the wrong side of the tracks and it’s bad news.
please don't please don't let your heart stop beating
oh please don't please don't let your heart stop pumping
or I’ll be trapped inside this darkness forever,
never carried out by your bleeding heart
Track Name: Patrik Eriksson and Ingrid Hultén, poem by M. Ryan Garey - What It Means To Be Right
the best one from the west,
you see 
cannot be best much longer
the west, you see, is jealous that
the east may still be stronger

so--like the boy who thinks he has
to taste-test all the cookies

and goes to bed with tummy-aches--

the west calls up its rookies

to prove to no one but itself

that it can beat and batter

the unprepared and unsuspecting
east, whate'er the matter

the west can try to justify
by saying that they differ
in many sorts of aspects

(as the corpses all get stiffer)

that killing one who's different

is like killing none at all
for who dare challenge what is right
deserves to take the fall

"there can only be one way,

(for that is what we're taught),
the stubborn westerners will say,
"and that is why we fought"

oh, who will speak for eastern men

and have complicity
with why they fought for what they thought,

with multiplicity

can differences be all bad,

can there be just one right?

if you please to answer no

there're reasons none to fight
Track Name: Valerie Rose Day, poem by Patrik Eriksson and Ingrid Hultén - A Trip Down To The Sea
Have you heard the forecast for today? 

We've got good weather on the way 

So it's gonna be a lot of fun 

when we go fishing in the sun

Let's take a trip down to the sea 

let's take a trip down to the sea 

Let's take a trip down to the sea 

let's take a trip down to the sea

We gonna go out in the bay 

and make a perfect summerday 

I brought some chicken wings and wine 

so dont you worry, we'll be fine

We gonna jump out in the waves

just like we did in younger days 

and build some castles in the sand 

and walk in sunshine hand in hand

I think I've packed all things together
and now we're in for sunny weather 

So hurry up and get in the car! 

We're going now and we're going far
Track Name: Jack Cavanaugh, poem by Jacob Haupt - My Life's A Cage
I parapalleige to the stag
That was your spirit
In twisted crag
Hooves upon the mist
Loose hair and dry skin
Beneath them list
My life's a cage,
My home a grave inside a cave.
Nothing to do now but sit and wait,
My limbs tied up inside a crate.
My life's a maze,
My home ablaze inside a daze.
Nothing to do now but contemplate,
My limbs tied up inside a crate.
Track Name: Daniel Spencer, poem by Daniel Fischer - Waterbed


slow day


hair curls
wave curls
boys & girls


martians & mermaids


basket full of cosmos

knowing you as much

another time
let's do it
let's do it
another time
Track Name: Davin Abegg (Secret Abilities), poem by Nate Housley - Saltwater Dam
Get out of the Greyhound 
Katie's in a slowcore band
 I've got my toaster oven
 Set to toast and I'm alright
Your death is my drug
 Hike to the taco stand 
Married to bedbugs
 Clear as the beer on your head
Fortune teller, sell me a magic cake
 Leave it behind in the railway station
 I'll powder it then 
Nobody cares what a man in a top hat paid for it Tile on the ceiling
 Slime in the basement 
Quarter past seven
 Eating the paste again 
Spaced again
I wrote my high score on your license plate
 So loan sharks stay out of your way 
Don't expect a holiday present
 This year, Mr. Mystery
Get the normal flavor 
Out of my house 
It's too dry to say goodbye to 
Mechanical cannibals 
Saltwater dam
Track Name: Helen Cox, poem by Serene Dominic - Juggernaut
Last night you came to me inside of a dream
And you took me to the room where you cry yourself to sleep
You unbuttoned your blouse and I could see where another man touched you

I turned away knowing that it was wrong
You were someone else's all along
Then I remembered that it was a dream

The next time you came to me inside of a dream
And you took me to the room where you cry yourself to sleep
I felt you were testing me and I was being judged
You unbuttoned your blouse and said "This isn't about you at all

This time I stayed, knowing that it was wrong
The ceiling reflected the love that we made
And the painting of Saint Margaret wept in vain

When I awoke the next morning I had a sick feeling in my head
Knowing that I destroyed the trust of a friend
And I pleasured myself with his woman in the room where nothing happened

The next time you came to me inside of a dream
The Painting of Saint Margaret was in the fire.
You were on fire.
The room was on fire.
I could no longer deny that I had crossed an imaginary line.

I walked away knowing that it was wrong
You were someone else's all along
Then I remembered that it was a dream

I woke up the next morning and the sun was shining again
I reveled in my small moral victory of inaction
Knowing full well the love i had for you was real and i buried it
In the nothingness of my heart.
In the nothingness of my heart.
Track Name: Timothy Mathis (Butt-Out), poem by Jessica Davis - That Indie Fashion
Take your fist from their face raise it in the air
I didn’t mean to be the one to scare you
but love conquers hate
Not so the cutsie luv when you have to be the dream
Boy be the girl hold the hands fall in line
marry ripe reach a peak caressed by money and
don’t forget popping out babies.

And we’ll meet in that indie fashion
as you leave a claim
to be
late to meet the grave

To the love as to living as you take in
the suns to the sets as you feel
the warmth just to feel the chill blind
in teeth dance around swallow
bites ecstatic flavors never wanting
no more but the face to fate
next to hours forget minutes
and a sigh
reliving moments

Whether it’s a life worth living
or a death worth waiting for
time spent loving is another day
your will.
Track Name: M. Ryan Garey (Danger Button), poem by Jack Cavanaugh - Neon Colored
Clinging to my sheets,
I hear the siren choir scream.
Screeching in my ears, this fear,
electric shuddering.

Shooting out so fast in shards,
I comet to the ground.
Burning up in atmosphere,
liquefying sound.

I've forgotten how to breathe.
This could be the end of me.
Are we ever ready to go?

Heaven gets the best of me,
Reaching down and grabbing me.
Other worlds I've never been shown.

None of this is real, I feel the
space behind my eyes.
I'm vaporized, I'm incomplete.
Weightless in the sky.

I can see a million stars,
Brilliant crystal night,
Stare out to the dawn,
the neon-colored light.

Shatter through the glass,
to neon-colored light.
Track Name: Nate Housley (PTO), poem by Han Greenwood - Hollow City
The woman in the train station

Said she knew the score

Raving about the screaming in her head

About the people knocking at the door

I try not to mind shouters on the train
But I'm taken by the man behind the screen

With eyes like mine
A face a hundred years have seen

We live in a hollow city

So long ago cleaned from black and white 

Crying out for the nerve, the heart, the brain
Why o' why can't I

So we skip any where we can
Light the yellow road to find the man

You cried that night
As kisses fell to the floor
Wept for dignity
Said you didn't feel like yourself anymore

If it could be the ball

The sublime, the strange, the promenade

But you haven't seen those films

And you don't pray to those gods

We live in a hollow city

But it cannot hold the rain

It's sopped up in the money and the fame
Sing sha la la sha la la again

And if you have no part there's no need to run

Because the calvary's not coming, no hired gun

Your friend left us
It was hot and muggy may gray
I said to you it looked like rain 

And touched hands like a hold

But it never did anyway

And as we crawled out of the caverns

To see the sun set between the stones
My shoes filled up with puddles

All the things I'd never known
And amidst the confusion
the swirling tempests and the beats
I began to believe the record
Of my final defeat

For we live in a hollow city
And I wish to be your man
I cannot change the past

But hold this present in my hand

So sings the opera, so ends this strain

And I'm left on the platform, waiting for the train
Track Name: Serene Dominic, poem by Timothy Mathis - Passing By
She crossed the street at the boulevard
Her skirt was blowing in the air
Her blouse was cut really low
A buck or two was her fare

She needed something to get her by
Cause the hurt was starting to show
Maybe a date would be passing by
And she’ll be able to score

Good god, look at that girl
Dig that did you see that girl
What a pretty pretty little girl
Look what’s become of her world

I looked at her and she looked at me
Then I started feeling really sad
She tried to smile but it didn’t show
I knew she was feeling bad

She said hey mister do you have the time
Or maybe a penny to spare
Cause the night is really cold
And it seems that no one cares
Track Name: Jessica Davis (S.L.F.M.), poem by Thompson Owen - From the Basement
Let's play the stones together

you be Keith and and I'll be Mick

let's throw some stones together 

You be the ball I'll be the stick
Let's play stones 

Let's rock the bones 

Let's wake up the neighbors

Let's wake them all up
Let's put our amps together.
Let's figure it out 

Let's dance like we know how
Lets forget about them all.
Track Name: David Todd (Mr. Snow Man), poem by Helen Cox - Bones Hit The Ground
I wrote this song for you, pretty honey

I ain’t got time or a whole lot of money to spend
Things around here are looking very strange

So for you my words I’ll gladly exchange

Sing the words, gather some rhythm
Do you even want to know who or what I am?
I am the voice inside the guts of your body
I am everything you want to embody
I hear the street lights, call my name

Every single one of them looks the same
But I’m here and I’m walking down this road I chose
And I can hear the sweet hum of the undertow
Opening eyes peel back the lemon rind
Sweet sugar aide of my unconfined words
They say that it’s nothing to count upon
I know that we’re only waiting on the dawn
Heaven or hell

Keeping me out, but I’m doing well
Laughing and playing

Hazy lights keep me swaying

Hazy lights keep my song

Live hard, die strong
So, baby, keep on humming and playing
You’ve got to know that all I’m saying is
Things are better than they were before

We fought the fight, we won the war
And now we keep on hanging on

I promise the good days are not all gone
And when my bones they hit the ground

You will only hear this sound
Track Name: B.C. Sterrett (Teenage Horses), poem by Tom Tuerff - Learn How To Sing On Key
Elvis once sang In the Ghetto
Frank Zappa once sang In France
The Smithereens Sang in a Lonely Place
Bill Wyman in Another Land
Ringo Starr sang in Liverpool
U2 Sang in God’s Country
If they can all sing, is it such a big thing
To ask you to sing on KEY?
It’s not that hard
Cover your ear and sing into your hand
Don’t sing so loud, you stupid kid you down out the band
As lead singers go, I think you should know you have a future in futility
It’s not that hard – find someone who sings on key
Charlie Daniels sings in America
Nirvana sings in Bloom
Phil Collins sings in the air tonight
And the Beach Boys Sing in My Room
Pat Benatar Sings in the Heat of the Night
Bruce Hornsby in the Low Country
Is it too much to ask to take a similar task
Good god you suck
I wasted good Guinness listening to you
Don’t press your luck
You don’t get an encore the crowd hates you too
You could have avoided your fast unemployment to musical obscurity
If you’d just shut up or learned how to sing on key
Joe Walsh sings in the City
Led Zeppelin Sings in the Light
Wilson Pickett Sings in the Midnight Hour
Five Satins in the still of the night
Mungo Jerry Sings in the Summertime
Village People in the Navy
And I think it’s safe to say
That they never tried to play
Till they learned how to sing on key
Shut up SHUT UP
Your terrible voice gives a bad name to crap
Just give it up
You’d even be tone deaf if you tried to rap
We’re plugging our ears so there will be no cheers
Until you stop immediately
Get the hell off stage
And learn how to sing on key
Track Name: Han Greenwood (The Suggestive), poem by Shelby Figueroa - It's Much Too Quiet
Im sitting in a dark room, by myself it's like a tomb. Shadows dancing
all over wall, how it's makes me feel so small.
It's much too quiet here. Im Starting to hear things that aren't
there. Seeing things I shouldnt see. Oh my gosh what could that be.
I'm waiting for a familiar sound, like a ticking clock that's just
been wound. Or even the wind against the trees, as it shakes the
golden autumn leaves.
It's much too quiet here. This place is giving me quite a scare.
I thought that I could wait it out. But I'm about to scream and shout.
I want to run and get away, but I can't seem to find my way. Is this a
maze, a game I'm in. Cause I really don't need to win.
Its much too quiet here. I was just scared, but now I fear. I may not
make it out all right. Or even make it through the night.
Is this a door an exit perhaps? Because I have made several laps.
Around this unfamiliar house, am I a laboratory mouse.
It's much too quiet here. I'm starting to hear things that aren't
there. Seeing things I shouldn't see. Oh my gosh what could that be.
Track Name: Tom Tuerff, poem by Ryan Avery - Let's Make A Vote
its round table time again
do you want to make this deal?
or should i just do it behind your backs?
i am the head of this club and we are not a fucking gang
we own this town
no one is going to stop us
no one is going to stop us
the people here look up to us
they show us mad respect
we ride our women like we ride our bikes
any chance we get
any chance we get
saving up some money from the guns that we sell
gonna be living off of at least 7 figures a year for the rest of my life
i want out.
Track Name: Jacob Haupt (Aquatic Ghost Colony), poem by Daniel Spencer - Rent
Room available now
no lease no deposit
Pay your rent
on a month-to-month basis

No smoking indoors
Hardwood floors
A lock on your door
But wait--there's more:

A washer and a dryer and cable and internet and covered parking

Move in today
You don't have to wait
A great location
and friendly management

Walk-in closet
It's available now
Roads always plowed
Before you say, "wow!"...

All of this information you've been given isn't real--yes, it's a big scam

Room doesn't exist
I'm pissed
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Track Name: Ryan Avery (Hi My Name Is Ryan), poem by Valerie Rose Day - Witches (Remix)
gloomy witches dark witches sad witches mad witches
ridin through town round town gonna getcha when you least know it
ha ha ha ha ha ha
tryin to relax tryin to relax but i have to keep my mouth shut

and sleep with one eye open

cause they’re gonna over take me put a spell on me make me do something
its gonna drive you crazy so i run like no other search
in for a brotha anything
i can find to get them outta my mind i take the bus for a long time but then i see
her creepin green face sick hair follow
in me and no one seems to care

she mirrors my every move and corners me to the back

her fiery eyes a glarin into mine as she gets close
‘bout to have a heart attack
I try to climb out the window but the the driver yells sit down
and thats when it occurs me I’m screwed in this town!
gloomy witches dark witches sad witches mad witches
ridin through town round town gonna getcha when you least know it

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

tryin to relax tryin to relax but I have to face them every where I go
I can’t shake her off I rub my eyes to surely know
but somethins up with my brain this unremovable stain

BOO there she is outside my school cafeteria
black hat broom stick moves quick i run mad people think i have hysteria

but theres no cure no clue or conclusion to this song

So I think Im gonna go have some cherry ice cream now

before it gets too long
Track Name: Brad Rizer, poem by David Todd - Different Beds
all though we’re all born different, 

in many ways were all the same 

don’t judge me by the color of my skin. 

or how they spell my name, 

some men are born to follow, 

some men are born to lead, 

it doesn’t mean I’m worthless, 

cause I’ve not learned to read .

it may seem hard it imagine, 

that you could look like me, 

put two colors into one pot 

and you’d be just like me. 

interaction and variation, 

makes time for us to change 

I know that your born a wealthy man 

with a title to your name

the papers heralded your arrival, 

to the lime lite your mother she came, 

while I was born a secret by a girl 

who bore her shame 

we both were born in different beds 

a silver spoon lay by your side, 

while i was born in a hot tin shed , 

with neither windows or doors.

all thought were all born different, 

in many ways were all the same. 

it doesn’t mean I’m a lesser man. 

cause i cant spell my name 

its true that i look different, 

but you look strange to me. 

but it doesn’t mean, we must fight 

or cant live in harmony...
it doesn’t mean we must fight or cant live in harmony